Gunnar Bernstrup

Latest productions:

1999: The CD "I don´t care anymore". Gunnar & Good Music Band performing Gunnars songs. Country/rock with a drop of the Irish stuff.

2001: "Malmö - Ljuva 60-tal?" ("Malmo - lovely 60´ties?") A book about his hometown during the 60´ties. Lots of pictures.

2003: "Limhamn - förbluffande sanningar". ("Limhamn - astonishing truths") A very funny book about the place where he lives. Illustrated by Gunnars drawings.

2005: "40 lyckliga år" ("40 happy years") A novel - written together with Jörgen Westerhov - in which history has been changed. What would have happened if Sweden had fallen under the Soviet Communist system?