GB paintings of Elastolin/Lineol toys from childhood.

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"Lone Ranger"

"On the black horse"


"Come on"

"An indian orchestra with an angel"

"The Hunt for Christmas". The Christmas Calendar for The Swedish Radio 1981.

GB drawings from his books and coloumns.

"You have to be careful so you donīt catch a cold"

"I was kicked out of the Parliament īcause the Voters werenīt pleased with me. But I just have to say: Iīm not pleased with the Voters!"

"If youīre trying to be positive and say to your self that summer was an early autumn, it hasnīt been too bad."

"Hello. Are you available on the 24th?"
"We are throwing a party and it would be nice if you could come."
"Shall I bring anything with me?"

"No one was surprised that things went bad for Ove. Already in school he had to mark him self out."

"Itīs remarkable how much more you can see when standing on a chair."