Gunnar B and The Good Music Band

Listen to samples från the CD:
"I donīt care anymore"


I donīt care anymore


Donīt say I love you


And you say


Unfold the memories


You bring it to me

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I Don't Care Anymore

Gunnar B & Good Music Band

Sweden is the third largest exporter of popular music in the world, only beaten by USA and England .

The CD "I Don't Care Anymore" with "Gunnar B & Good Music Band" will probably - read; no doubt! - keep the statistics up for Sweden. Despite the low number of people ( close to 9 million), Sweden have developed a high standard regarding bands and music and as we all know, thereīs a lot of well-known Swedish singers and groups on the chart-lists the world over. Just to mention a few; ABBA, Cardigans, Roxette, The Real Group, Ace of Base, Pandora, Dr. Alban, Emilia and Robyn.

Maybee new to us, but Gunnar B is not a newcomer on the music scene. He has been around for quite a while and is very well-known to the Swedish audience, not only as a composer and a singer but as well as a funny man and a comedian. Gunnar's roots in Music emanates from listening to the american folk- and blues-singer Josh White ( who later became one of his good friends ), Kingston Trio, Burl Ives, Woody Guthrie, Tom Paxton and Peter, Paul & Mary and a lot of Country Music. He has been a member of some of the best known groups in Sweden starting from the mid 60's

Producing the CD "I Don't Care Anymore", Gunnar is going back to his roots, and he is presenting himself as a grown up, true to life story teller and composer of real good country music with a few drops of Irish added. All the lyrics, as well as the music on the 13 tracks of the CD, is Gunnar's very own material.

When the new material was introduced in Sweden, it was directly applauded and itīs hit potential pointed out by many schrewed judgeds; among them well known people like Benny Andersson - ABBA and Michael B Tretow - the sound engeneer who created the special ABBA sound.

With Good Music Band; all Gunnars friends and very well reputated musicians, Gunnar has created 13 wonderful songs on a lovely album. And more is to come!

Len Christianson - a Swedish rockīn roll legend.
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