Malmö FF.

As a youngster, I dreamed of making a football career in Malmö FF - a team that up til now has won the first division of Sweden 18 times. That wasn´t to be, I didn´t even dare to ask my favourite club if I could train with their kids. I went to the other less important, div 1 club in Malmö but finished after one match. After all, my heart belonged to Malmö FF. And then there was this guitar that someone put in my hands. Still, I´ve been playing football (and indeed watched) on different levels ever since. The clubs are as follows:

BK Star - During boyhood, we fought against teams like Hökens IF, BK Stjärnan and Björkhagens IF. Intense football druing the summers1959-64. I used to be the best scorer every summer and still have a diploma on the wall. (I must have made it myself...).

IFK Malmö. One match 1961.

Triangelpojkarna - 1962-63

1964 - 1969 it was all music.

BK Rustan - Our team when we studied journalism in Gothenburg. 1968 - 1970.

FK7 - "Seven a side"series. What a team!. 1971 - 77

Fältets herrar - Another team in the same range. I joined in off and on during the 70ties when goals had tyo be scored.

Evesham United 1972. When staying in England for a while. Yes, I cored..

SE-Bankens. Very good team, the big bank´s. 1978-81

SVTs - Swedish Radio and TV´s "Seven a side"-team 1981-90. Yearly meetings as well (11 a side) against Radio- & TV-collegues from Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

Limhamns IF Oldboys . A team over 35 participating in a serie arranged by the Swedish Football Association. Join in 1985 ... and still plays. The old scorer is a full back these days. 15 gold medals so far.

TV-laget. The very popular Swedish celebrity team that toured all over Sweden, drew fantastic crowds and made money for charity. A mix of media people and old soccer stars that once played in the national team of Sweden. Great matches and great banquettes afterwords! 1983 - 2002

MFFs Guldlag (MFF Goldteamers - players that have finished their career in MFF and play matches supporting charity and smaller clubs during the summer. Was voted a member1984 and played active until 1999.

So MFF it was in the end