Why do you become a collector?

Each and everyone may have his or hers opinion and thoughts. One thing is for sure. A collector always has another address to research when travelling to new places. There are always finds to be made in Swap Meets or in specialist shops.

For me, it started the same way as for so many college collectors, when I found the forgotten treasures in my childhood on my motherđs attic. And from there the hunt to find items lost started. Cars, Indians, cowboys, magazines or what ever that had been given away or lost during the years that had passed.

A lot of the lost items have been found or recreated. Bu my collection of autographs of the Brazilian soccer team Botafogo that played in Malmoe 1959 is forever gone. I will never find the signature of World Champions as Didi, Gylmar and Nilton Santos again. Itīs much easier when it comers to toys. Cars and buses.

For some reason, my main collecting theme became buses made of die cast. Like the old Dinky Toys and Corgi Toys from England or Tekno from Denmark. In Germany, thereīs a lot of nice models made in plastic but I donđt really bother, Buses are friendly, though not always comfortable to travel on in real life. But they are fascinating. I recommend a trip to Duxford where the big, annual bus rally is held every September. Lotīs and lotīs of lovely, well restored old buses in life size and thousands of models to look for as well. Bus model collecting has become a major interest in ­ most of all ­ England the last couple of years.

Itīs not just buses for me. I have a lot of cars and other items on the shelves. The aim has never been to gain a collection of a certain value. Many of the old models are well restored and thus not that valuable for anyone but me. Thatīs OK with me.

The buses go well together with wild animals, Indians and Cowboys from German makers Elastolin and Lineol and other items as magazines. They are all nice to polish, replace and read through. I often do this job late nights and so it happens that a back mirror or a wiper is lost. Tuff luck, but one you have to live with.

What to read if you are interested in bus and car models?

Model Collector (modelcollector@pcmedia.com),
Die Cast Collector (diecastcollector@warnersgroup.co.uk)
or the first of them all; the true collector enthusiast mag MAR (Model Auto Review) (editor@mar.zeteo.com) are highly recommended. Real bus model fans, especially those that build their models, join Model Bus Federation.

Happy collecting!

Interested in buying or a swap?

Well, thereīs a stock of sursplus models and models that have to give way on the selves. Send your offers. All below are MB.

Dinky Toys 291 Atlantean Bus. Red.

Dinky Toys 295 Atlantean Bus "Yellow Pages"

Dinky Toys 289 Routmaster Bus. "Esso Safety Grip Tyres"

Corgi 471 Routemaster "Silver Juilee - See More London"

YY 13 1911 Daimler

YY 13 RAF Tender

YY 5 Talbot Van "Liptonīs Crested

4 Tomica Citroen Van Mobile Shops

A bunch of Tomica VW Vans, different + 6 Police vans.

"Collectors Gazette". A couple of the earliest numbers and a complete series up to January edition 97-98.

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